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Forsk has been an independent radio planning and optimization software company since 1987.

In 1997, Forsk released the first version of Atoll. And since then, Atoll has been Forsk's flagship product, a leading radio planning and optimization suite with 6,000 active licenses.

Today, Forsk has more than 300 clients in 100 countries around the world. Forsk distributes Atoll through its offices in France, USA, China and a worldwide network of distributors and partners.




CellMax was founded in 2001 in Sweden. The company headquarters is located in Stockholm (Sweden).

CellMax develops and markets high performance antennas for mobile networks. Thanks to the application of a new revolutionary ideology in the design of antennas, the company has been able to achieve a significant reduction in the power loss introduced by the antenna.




Kaelus, part of the Infinite Electronics group of companies, is a recognized leader in the production of test and measurement equipment, filters, combiners and TMA amplifiers for cellular networks. Kaelus was founded in 2010 by bringing together a team of professionals with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of RF filters. Kaelus provides the telecom industry with high-quality, low-PIM equipment for high performance wireless communications.

Kaelus' experience and development strategy allows it to stand out in the telecommunications market by developing solutions that are different from competitors, which allow you to take the quality of communication services to a new level.




Ookla is a global leader in network intelligence and connectivity insights. For almost two decades, Ookla has set the industry standard for both fixed and mobile network testing and analysis. From its world-renowned Speedtest® and Downdetector® platforms to an accompanying and growing suite of end-to-end enterprise solutions, Ookla’s mission is to make the internet better, faster, and more accessible for everyone.


Ookla’s enterprise solutions combine first-party crowdsourced data and scientifically controlled testing with tools that provide actionable insights across a network’s lifecycle and customer experience. Our insights empower operators, businesses, government agencies, nonprofits, and more to analyze, optimize, and publicize networks around the world.


Ookla solutions include Cell Analytics and Ookla Wind




Gladiator Innovations is a wireless communications analytics company focused on developing innovative, innovative software solutions for the telecommunications market.


Источником многоплановости и гибкости компании являются десятилетия опыта работы и новейшая открытая софтверная платформа, которая позволяет компании Gladiator охватывать множество областей аналитики беспроводных систем, от сферы служб безопасности до контроля QoE, поддержки пользователя, мониторинга качества сетевых услуг, управления качеством услуг и оптимизации RAN (Radio Access Network).


Used today by some of the world's largest wireless solution providers, Gladiator's products enable mobile telecommunications providers and security professionals to use dozens of innovative solutions to minimize and eliminate the critical challenges faced by complex projects.



PCTEL is one of the market leaders in measuring and testing equipment, as well as antenna systems. The company's products are used by US government agencies and security services.


The company has 2 groups - PCTEL RF Solutions and PCTEL Connected Solutions. PCTEL Connected Solutions is engaged in the production of antennas for base stations of wireless networks, satellite dishes, RFID, etc.


PCTEL RF Solutions specializes in developing solutions for building, optimizing and testing modern wireless networks. SeeGull scanning applications, SeeHawk visualization tool, and Clarify system enable radio measurements and analysis for efficient cell network planning, construction, and optimization. PCTEL develops and supports scanning receivers for 5G NR, LTE, TD-LTE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, GSM, and WiMAX networks.



Since its founding in 2005, Consultix has helped redefine and expand the telecommunications test equipment market for field applications.


In addition to its innovative general purpose portable RF testers, the company leads the market with the most comprehensive portfolio of testing and planning tools for the rapidly growing IBS/DAS industry.


Consultix product lines cover the entire project life cycle from start to finish; from design and verification, installation testing and commissioning to long-term maintenance, optimization and solution monitoring.

Ranplan Wireless


Ranplan Wireless is an innovative UK based wireless technology company, using its extensive experience and in-house research to create and market Ranplan Professional, a solution for planning, optimizing and simulating indoor/outdoor mobile access networks.




Tulinx B.V. a young fast-growing company that offers cost effective IT solutions for resource management and optimization of mobile communication networks.


Innovative solutions allow operators to automate the search and resolution of problems and optimize processes that help improve the quality of network performance and subscriber satisfaction with services and services.


The revolutionary capabilities of the Tulinx solution allow you to work with different data sources regardless of manufacturers, technologies used and includes the tools necessary for analysis, incl. quality and performance reporting, optimization and SON. Thanks to practical experience as a system integrator and the ability to customize Tulinx solutions, high efficiency and the greatest possible integration with the client's network and tools are ensured.



Bwtech is an engineering company focused on the development and integration of software products in the mobile communications market. Since 1998, the company has been offering products and services for mobile network planning and optimization.


Bwtech provides a CM platform with PM/FM capabilities for mobile operators.