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Ookla WindⓇ


Re-imagine the way you drive test, walk test, and optimize your network. Ookla’s handset-based testing and monitoring solution provides comprehensive network measurements with real-time data processing and visualization. Live-streaming data means you can stop uploading and post-processing massive log files — and start acting immediately on network insights. Wind solutions empower operators to rapidly build, launch, optimize, and monitor both indoor and outdoor networks, all with consumer network experience at the heart of the system.


Ookla Wind helps you:

  • Generate walk-test and drive-test reports in real-time
  • Act immediately on network insights with live-stream and edge reporting options
  • Improve your customer network experience
  • Rapidly build, launch, optimize, and monitor both indoor and outdoor networks

Ookla Wind Features:

  • Speedtest Powered®: Native throughput testing uses Ookla’s industry-leading Speedtest engine and server network
  • Network technologies: Comprehensive measurements for 5G NR NSA and SA, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, 3G, and 2G
  • Drive or walk mode: Support for outdoor drive testing and indoor walk testing
  • Multi-Device testing: Tablet controller can tether a scanner and up to 16 UE devices, as well as run calls between devices
  • Instant reporting: Automatic on-device reporting, Edge Report™ can be emailed within seconds
  • Scanner & Planning: Tool support: Support for PCTEL IBflex® and HBflex® scanners, as well as iBwave design software

Ookla solutions include Cell Analytis and Ookla Wind


Learn more at https://www.ookla.com/wind


Ookla Cell Analytics

Identify opportunities to optimize your mobile network and prioritize engineering efforts. Powered by billions of daily performance, coverage, and signal measurements from Speedtest® and Ookla’s SDK, Cell Analytics provides unparalleled intelligence about wireless service quality, RF measurements, data usage, user density (both indoors and outdoors), cell site locations, and much more — surfaced in one easy-to-navigate platform.


Crowdsourced measurements in Cell Analytics are collected wherever consumers are connecting to networks — on streets, inside vehicles, at home, at work, and other locations — with high location accuracy. Combined with data on cell site locations, tools to prioritize optimization and deployment efforts, and competitor comparisons, Cell Analytics provides a comprehensive platform for mobile network operators to understand their networks and identify the areas that need improvement.


Cell Analytics rapidly assesses all networks and technologies down to the individual building level to help operators:

  • Assess the performance, quality, and availability of existing networks
  • Focus engineering effort where most needed
  • Identify and fix network issues faster
  • Locate opportunities for capacity expansion to existing macro cell sites
  • Prioritize both network optimization and marketing efforts based on coverage, demand, and competitive benchmarking

Sample Use Cases


View signal level and quality

Identify areas where you and competitors have either good or bad signal level and quality, so you can make more informed network investments and sales decisions.

Find data usage hotspots

See precisely where data usage is occuring, so new network equipment can be placed in the optimal location for capacity relief.

Find cell sites

Identify where competitors have built cell sites and discover areas without cell sites that also have poor coverage or quality.

See indoor RF measurements, per operator

Cell Analytics identifies performance per building, so that you can see indoor coverage and quality per operator — as well as user density, down to the building level.

View conditions and user density by height in buildings

Identify areas of competitive strength and weakness by height above ground, as well as where competitors have installed indoor cell sites.

Import drive- and walk-test data from Ookla Wind

Layer drive and walk test data from Wind into Cell Analytics, with samples collected every second. Overlay crowdsourced radio network conditions with additional Wind KPIs like dropped calls and access failures.


Learn more at https://www.ookla.com/cell-analytics