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RAN planning and optimization

Networks planning and optimization


Our company provides comprehensive services for planning and optimizing cellular communication networks using the most advanced products on the market.


NSS/OSS subsystems planning


  • Network structure and topology planning (BSS, NSS, service platforms)
  • Traffic planning
  • Development of the configuration of the positions of base stations, controllers, switches in terms of selecting active equipment type, configuring the antennas
  • Interconnecting the base station subsystem nodes and the switching subsystem
  • Solving the EMC problems
  • Design of distributed antenna systems for maintenance of indoor-objects, metro, tunnels, sports and mobile objects (railway, sea and air transport)


2G-5G Networks optimization


  • Logical parameters optimization
  • Traffic planning
  • Neighbour lists optimization
  • BCCH/BSIC/SC/PCI/RSI/.. planning and optimization
  • Comprehensive antenna/feeder system optimization using measurement results, predictions and statistics
  • Indoor planning/optimization


BSS system monitoring


  • Statistics analysis with providing the solutions to eliminate the problems found.


Transport networks planning and optimization


  • Selection of type, topology and methods of transport network implementation
  • Transport network traffic planning
  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization of transport network flows
Drivetests performing and reports creation

Drivetestst and postprocessing


Our company offers radio measurement data analysis services. We have experience in large-scale projects for testing networks of mobile operators and analyzing this data, writing reports, and issuing recommendations for optimization.


AZymuth can organize and perform both ad-hoc optimization radio measurements and large-scale campaigns for drive tests, including benchmarking, which require simultaneous measurements in the networks of several operators and standards. Drive tests can be carried out with the involvement of their equipment and software for data collection and processing. Expert knowledge and experience allow us to develop a test plan for specific tasks, as well as implement projects in the shortest possible time.


We offer assistance in post-processing drive test data and preparing reports of following categories:


  • Radio network optimization: includes analysis of problem events and network sections included in the measurement area, analytics on the number and causes of problem events, and development of recommendations for optimizing the radio network.
  • Cluster-by-cluster acceptance of network: includes calculation of cluster KPI, maps of distribution of required indicators of coverage, quality, data transfer rates, other parameters, histogram of distribution of parameters and attributes. The report can take into account conditional KPI thresholds that indicate the compliance / non-compliance of the cluster with the requirements of the operator.
  • Site acceptance (Single Site Verification, SSV): reporting on the acceptance of single sites in accordance with the requirements of the operator.
  • Interconnecting the base station subsystem nodes and the switching subsystem
  • Benchmarking: data processing and reporting of drive tests during benchmarking campaigns. The report includes both the construction of distribution maps of coverage, quality, problem events for each of the tested networks, as well as a comparative analysis of these networks. The report can include elements of the Radio Network Optimization report for in-depth analysis of problem events and network sections identified during the benchmarking report.
  • Indoor measurements: a report can be both on network optimization, comparing different operators in indoor, and on the acceptance of new sites (SSV) located inside buildings and premises.


Software testing

Trials and tests


Before purchasing products, we provide solutions for testing, we are ready to recommend the most effective deployment strategy, scope, help plan the necessary resources, prepare the input data format, check the results of the work.


Propagation models calibrating

CW drivetests and clibrating propagation models


We have experience and offer full-cycle quality propagation models calibration, including:


  • Calibration sites selection and audit: Analyze operator`s sites list and select a pool of sites, suitable for CW transmitters installation. If the scanner calibration used. we perform a detailed sites audit to use proper antennas physical parameters
  • Installind CW transmitters: Mount omni antennas and different bands CW transmitters on the selected sites rooftops and masts.
  • CW drivetests: Collecting drivetest data for calibration`.
  • Post-processing drivetest data: data preparation and filtering for calibration.
  • Propagation models final calibration: Including cotrol sites comparison.
  • Implementation: Presenting the results and models tuning in planning tool.



Trainig courses


Azimuth company provides training services for technical specialists to work with our solutions.


Huge accumulated experience of using, localization, modification of products allows us to conduct effective courses, both for the initial acquaintance with the product, and for already experienced users.


We have our own specialists capable of conducting certified courses, as well we invite lecturers from our vendors.


All the courses can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

Technical support

L1 Technical support


Our company provides technical support for all products sold.


For more than 16 years, we have gained experience in supporting clients on the most complex technical and administrative issues.


On the first line of technical support we have English/Russian speaking specialists with expert knowledge of products and understanding of business processes of the customers.


It is very important for us that our customers understand and make the most of the possibilities of our solutions.