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RAN planning solution

The construction of such high-tech systems as cellular networks in modern conditions is impossible without the help of special software. We offer solutions that make this task as easy as possible.

For planning mobile communication and transmission networks, we offer the Atoll platform by Forsk company (France), which is currently the leader among similar products.

This solution allows you to plan networks for all used modern wireless and RRL technologies, using a common database of sites to combine all technologies.

Transport network planning and optimization

The role of the transport network has always been very important and still does not lose its importance.

In this regard, the efficiency of the network as a whole depends on the competent planning of the transport network.

To solve problems related to transport network planning, our company offers several solutions from our partners

Passive intermodulation (PIM) analyzers

When launching and operating cellular networks of different generations, an urgent task is to analyze the passive intermodulation of the components of the antenna-feeder path.

Our company offers passive intermodulation analyzers and other solutions from Kaelus Inc.

–°able and antenna analyzers

An indispensable device for commissioning and maintenance of the antenna-feeder path is an antenna and cable analyzer ("SWR meter").

Our company offers compact and inexpensive antenna analyzers from Consultix Wireless company.

Drivetesting solutions

The importance of radio measurements has always been and still remains high. Operator needs drivetests for planning, optimization and benchmarking purposes.

In this regard, the choice of tools used to collect and analyze radio measurement data depends on the efficiency of both the departments associated with these processes and the operator's network as a whole.

Our company offers Cloud based drivetest solutions by OOKLA company.

SelfOptimized Networks (SON)

Further development of various radio technologies (GSM, UMTS, LTE, NR) has led to the creation of a complex interconnected structure, the joint management and optimization of which for the provision of quality services by the operator is becoming an increasingly difficult task, especially while maintaining the classic "manual" approach.

SON platform can reduce by 60% the various tasks number required for day-to-day radio network optimization, as SON includes a large set of optimization scripts, thereby significantly reducing the resources required to perform routine operations.

As a result, engineers can focus on solving really complex and atypical optimization problems, which the classical approach to optimization simply does not have enough time for.

Our company offers SON solution by CellWize company.

RAN optimization solutions

Even 10 - 15 years ago, the process of network planning, development of a frequency plan, physical parameters of the network, selection of antennas and coverage assessment was carried out manually using maps, directories, and developed methods. In principle, with the technologies and load requirements of those years, the results of manual labor made it possible to build networks at that stage quite qualitatively. But with the shift of wireless communication services to the sector of affordable products, in order to meet the required needs, new technologies had to be applied and the topology of the networks under construction was complicated, made more dense and multi-layered.

In today's environment, with mature 2G-5G networks ubiquitous and next-generation networks coming into service, there is a strong need for RAN optimization.

Probes (E2E testing solutions)

In the era of the rapid development of 4G LTE and 5G NR networks, as well as the constant growth in the volume of data transmission, the need for operators to maintain the quality of data transmission services provided to subscribers is becoming increasingly important for operators.

Constant growth of network capacity and load has led to the fact that the effectiveness of existing tools has significantly decreased, especially for radio measurements, which entailed the need to use probes.

The main reason for using probes is the ability to significantly reduce time, resources and costs, both for monitoring, network analysis, and for finding and eliminating problems and their causes on operator networks.

Our company offers roaming/E2E testing probes solution by PIXIP.NET company.